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Cass joins us today to talk about their new location! Choate Engineering Performance just moved into a huge facility that’s going to allow more engines, parts and trucks to be serviced. A podcast listener requested this episode and wanted to know, what was the move like? What challenges come along with business growth? Give a listen! Looking to be more involved in the podcast, want to chat with us direct, hear episodes first and more? Join our Discord server, link is below!

Is your #Powerstroke or #Duramax having issues? Is your #Cummins rolling too much coal? Maybe you’re tired of dealing with fly by night mechanics who wont give you straight answers.

In this episode of ‘Questions and Answers with Cass’ , get some straight talk and some direct answers to your biggest worries. He is a well known genius when it comes to the world of diesel, so let him help you with your problems.

John’s 6.0 powerstroke lifter failed, and now he’s buying an engine. But why did it fail?

We ran across a new bearing issue building a new engine! This could have caused catastrophic failure in the engine if this wasn’t caught by our quality control. Let US do you machine work for you if you’re going to build an engine the right way !!

What’s needed for a 6.0L to reliably hold power? How to stop high-pressure oil leaks? What’s the best engine? Do emission-equipped diesel not last as long?

On this episode of Questions with Cass we had a few guys from instagram and Facebook ask questions about their Duramax, 6.4s and machining questions for diesels and their blocks AND MORE! We Also talk about the importance of our Delipped Coated and Flycut Pistons as well which can be found on our website below.

We are discussing the Roational Assembly failures. A failed connecting rod is easy to discover, but what about:
1. Bearings Issues
2.Clearances Issues
2. Crankshaft Issues

Is it Installation errors?

Be careful when building your building your own engine. If you do this is a MUST LISTEN!
You can find all the products in the website listed.

No matter if it’s a Cummins, Duramax or Powerstroke, failed head gaskets can be an issue. And, getting the most out of airflow factors into your high performance build. Cass from Choate Engineering is our guest today to talk about airflow, valves, valvetrain upgrades, machine work and all the details you want to know!

You’ve never heard a podcast topic like this one. Cass from Choate Engineering joins us today to talk Cummins, Duramax and Powerstroke cylinder heads! Why do the stock heads leave so much to be desired? Does your 5.9L CR have an internal EGR? What can porting do to improve durability on a daily-driver? Listen now and hear this in-depth look at air flow!
This has been our most dicussed podcast yet! If you have questions please give us a call.


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