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6.7L 2019 Powerstroke Full Running Daily Driver Ford Diesel Crate Engine Cab & Chassis

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CHOATE 6.7L Powerstroke Full Running Daily Driver Engine 2019 Powerstroke Ford Cab and Chassis Diesel Engine Manufacturer: CHOATE Engineering Performance

CHOATE Part Number: CEP67PFDC18

6.7L Fully Running Assembly Daily Driver Engine Build Includes:

Before purchasing please verify the year model engine is compatible with your truck.

6.7 Powerstrokes Come stock from Ford with a 8-bolt flexplate and torque converter that are no longer manufactured.

All 6.7 Powerstroke balanced assemblies from Choate Engineering come with the updated 6-bolt flexplate from 2013+ and require the customer to update the torque converter or purchase one from us directly.2017+ 6.7 Powerstrokes have a larger Hole Diameter for the motor mounts and bolts.

  • Cylinder Block
  • Bore block back to crankshaft center line
  • Hone block to 12Ra finish
  • Crank Shaft
  • Check crankshaft main and rod clearances
  • Magnuflux crankshaft
  • Balance rotational assembly
  • Replace Main bearings
  • Replace rod bearings
  • Replace cam bearings
  • Replace Main bolts
  • Connecting Rods
  • Inspect and condition rods
  • Camshaft
  • Inspect and polish camshaft
  • Crankshaft
  • Polish crankshaft
  • Pistons
  • Install Pistons
  • Pistons, rings, Pin retainers weight matched prior to crank balancing (optional ceramic and DFL coating available)
  • Reman Heads
  • Resurface heads
  • Magnuflux and pressure test heads
  • Cut new valve seats
  • Cut valves
  • Install new valve guides
  • Install new valve seals
  • Test spring tension
  • Install New Head Gaskets
  • Install Studs
  • Install New Bed Seals
  • Install Rear Main Seals
  • Install New Lifters
  • Rear Cover Gasket
  • Rear Main Seal
  • Rear Cover Installed
  • New OE Harmonic Balancer
  • New Flywheel
  • Items Included:
  • 2 Water pumps
  • 4 Thermostats
  • Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor
  • Front cover and gaskets
  • Turbocharger Turbo
  • Pickup tube
  • Map Sensor
  • Coolant Temp Sensor
  • Intake Air Temp Sensor
  • Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor
  • Engine Oil Pressure Switch
  • Crank Position Sensor
  • Camshaft Position Sensor
  • Oil Cooler
  • Fuel Filter

Choate Engineering Performance Crate Engine Features :

500 HP rated.
This Choate engine is fully balanced, and is the perfect engine for spirited daily driving, consumer level towing and everyday life.

Upgrades over the Model C include but are not limited to:

  • Torque Plate Honing
  • Full Engine Balancing
  • Harmonic Balancer
  • Head Studs
  • Valve Seats
  • Rear Cover and Pickup Tube
  • Oil Pans
  • Welded Crank Gear

Common Issues With The Ford Powerstroke 6.7L (and how we fix them)

  • Main and Rod Bearing Clearance Issues- IE ,Spun Bearings. Our fix includes machinin for the correct clearances as well as upgraded bearings designed to handle higher levels of stress.
  • Valve Failures- OEM Exhaust Valves separate causing at the least, lost compression, at the worst, piston to valve contact causing catastrophic failure.
  • We do not modify the existing valves as most do, we use an all new valve with better materials that do not have this high-heat separation issue.
  • Crank Gear Spinning- Standard on all our 6.7L builds is a welded crank gear.
  • From Ford this gear is prone to spinning, throwing off timing, and bending all 32 pushrods.
  • TIG welding the gear in place eliminates this issue.
  • Cam Tunnel Misalignment- The issue here comes with the aftermarket fix which is to use larger clearance bearings. This in turn causes low oil pressure.
  • We do not use larger clearance bearings, we use our own proprietary bearings which allow for perfect alignment.
  • Our 6.7’s see on average 5lbs more oil pressure at startup than others.


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