Author: Adam Blattenberg

A trend that seems to be catching on in Europe over the last few years, Stockholm has decided that starting in 2025 pure gasoline and diesel vehicles will no longer be allowed in it’s city center. The city center will only allow electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, and some hybrid trucks (hybrids, we knew they […]

We’ve noticed the decline in diesel prices, while they’re still sky high, its refreshing to see the decline continue, although further research on our end shows potential that this decline won’t last, we’ll see. Either way, according to this is the third consecutive week of declines across the country (excluding California, go figure). The […]

Maker of some of the finest turbos in the diesel aftermarket, Charlie Fish, has been trading the fastest 1/8th mile record back and forth with Austin Denny for years now. Recently at the NHRDA finals Fish took the record back from Denny with a 5.12-second pass at 134 mph in KC Turbos’ drag truck dubbed […]

Recently, at the Outlaw Diesel Super Series’ 2023 finale, two records were broken. At Wagler Motorsports Park in Lyons Indiana, not only did racer Michael Cordova win the event, but he set a new Pro Dragster eighth mile record with a 3.87-second pass at 191 mph. Not only is that the fastest for dragsters, that’s […]

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