Core Policy

ALL CUSTOMERS Must Understand and Agree to the Core Policy below. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us @ 901.553.9847 or email .

Core fees are paid upfront in the amount quoted on your estimate unless other arrangements have been made. If you choose to send your core first there is no fee charged upfront, however, there may be fees after inspection to be paid before your new engine ships out.

By buying, you agree to have the engine core crated and ready for pick up to return to CHOATE Engineering Performance within 30 days of receiving the new engine per the BOL. Core returns that are received after 45 days will be issued CHOATE Store Credit ONLY which will expire 1 Year from the date of issue.

Core returns that are received after 60 days will be at the sole discretion of CHOATE Engineering Performance. NO EXCEPTIONS!

The core returned must be a like for like make, model, type and part number. Cores will Not be accepted from a salvage or junkyard. Cores that have been disassembled or have missing and/or damaged major components will not receive full credit. Please drain all fluids, if any, from the core. The core should be shrink-wrapped and strapped down to a nonreturnable wooden pallet prior to making the shipping arrangements.

PLEASE ENCLOSE THE CORE RMA WITH YOUR SHIPMENT so we can identify your core when it arrives.

The core will be torn down and inspected by our Teardown Department and must meet CHOATE Engineering Performance specifications to deem it a good usable core. It must have no visible cracks or holes and rotate 360 degrees. There will be deductions for any unusable parts. A core fee schedule is available upon request.
Inspection of the core takes approximately 30 days, once inspected the appropriate core fees will be deducted and the remaining balance will be refunded promptly by check in the US Mail. Once the Teardown process and inspection has begun, there is no return of the core or the components to the customer. NO EXCEPTIONS!

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