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6.4L Ford Powerstroke Workhorse Long Block


Pay a deposit of $5,000.00 per item

Choate Engineering Performance 6.4L Powerstroke WorkHorse Engine

(*Shown with Optional Oiling Valve Covers)

CHOATE 6.4L Long Block Workhorse Powerstroke Engine 6.4L Long Block Workhorse Powerstroke Engine 2008-2010

Manufacturer: CHOATE Engineering Performance

CHOATE Part Number: CEP64PLW0810

6.4L Long Block Workhorse – Powerstroke Ford Diesel Engine Includes:

Before purchasing please verify the year model is compatible with your truck.
2008-2010 ;6.4L Ford Powerstroke F-Series Trucks

Component List

  • O-Ring Heads (*See Video Below)
  • Chromoly Pushrods
  • Stage 2 Camshaft (*See Video Below)
  • Choate Engineering Billet Flex plate (*See Video Below)
  • New Freeze plugs
  • Head Studs
  • Coated, Delipped and Valve Relief Pistons (*See Video Below)
  • New Rod Bearings
  • Main Bearings
  • New Cam Bearings
  • New OE Lifters
  • Lifter Guides
  • OE Crank Flange Bolts
  • Rear Main Seal
  • New Rear Cover Gasket
  • Upper Oil Pan Gasket
  • Lower Oil Pan Gasket
  • Pickup Tube O-ring
  • Rear Cover

Machining Processes

  • Block Machining
    • Full CNC blue print machining, (bore, deck, hone and line honed).
    • We blue print bore the cylinder bores to a true 90 degrees from the crankshaft center line.
    • Diamond hone within .0002 inch for precise piston to cylinder bore clearances.
    • We  line hone the crankshaft bore housing to precisely align the crankshaft in the engine block.
    • We bore the block back to the crankshaft center line.
    • The piston diameter measured to the nearest .0001 inch matched to cylinder bores.
  • Balanced Rotational Assembly
    • Crankshaft – Balanced with the Rotational assembly checked for run-out inspected for fatigue. Crankshaft is Polished and ground to .0005 concentricity or less
    • Camshaft- Polished and Inspected
    • Connecting Rods
    • New Damper
    • New Flexplate for Automatic transmission.  This would be a great time to replace your clutch as well. If manual your crankshaft will be balanced to a stock pressure plate, and flywheel. Now would be the the time to upgrade to a performance clutch. It would allow all these components to be balanced together for the best result. Call our Sales Team today for pricing.
    • New upgraded Pistons .10- .30 inch over – New pistons, rings, Pin retainers weight matched prior to crank balancing
  • Head Machining
    • Magnuflux and pressure tested
    • Installed press seats
    • New Valve Guides
    • Install new valve seals
    • Performance Valve Springs for better flow.

CHOATE Engineering Performance Crate Engine Features:

600 HP rate. Designed with the working man in mind. The perfect platform for those who do heavy hauling regularly.


Educate yourself with the video section below explaining the Workhorse build list!


O-Ringed Heads

         Billet Flex Plate

What is the importance of the coating and piston machining we do for the Workhorse?


Stage 2 Camshaft (Watch the video below for full detail on Choate camshaft designs!)

Watch this video and see the importance of balancing!


Common Issues With The Ford Powerstroke 6.4L (and how we fix them)



6.4 Engines were plagued with many problems from the factory. For the full list of failures and fixes, be sure to watch the video!

The 6.4 Engine was known to fail. It would develop across the piston and would result in massive amounts of blow by. This in turn would often result in glow plug harnesses being pushed out of the valve covers and oil being sprayed along the frame of the truck. We fix this issue by getting rid of the factory piston and use the International version of the piston. These are Class 4 pistons. We then take and machine the bowl to safegaurd against future failures.

The 6.4 Engine was also known to have main line issues with misalignment causing bearing wear. We are able to solve this through machining processes that help to align the main bore housing. This insures longevity of the bottom end of the engine.

6.4L Engines were plagued with premature failure of the rocker arms. This was due to the lack of oiling the injectors that were once HEUI designed provided. The predecessor engine, the 6.0L was designed off the Caterpillar injection system. Once the later emission standards changed, it was necessary to adapt a high pressure common rail system to achieve atomization. We solve this issue by using our proprietary oiling valve covers that are designed to provide constant oil to the rocker arms. These are an add-on option and can be added to any of our engine models or purchased seperately.

Optional Parts are not installed. Optional parts are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty and not by CHOATE.

Why you don’t want a Ford Reman Engine.

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