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Thanks to the 6.4L Powerstroke’s K16 high-pressure fuel pump, it can accommodate up to 20% more fuel flow than most diesel engines. Yet, despite this benefit, it remains one of the most hated engines in the market because of its susceptibility to failures and chafing on the fuel pump harness.

To solve this problem, Choate Engineering Performance has designed a hybrid that combines the best of both worlds: A diesel engine that incorporates the strong points of 6.4L and 6.0L. Read more about this innovative diesel engine in Engine Builder magazine. 

Procharged 6.4L Powerstroke and its hybrid components 

Choate Engineering Performance founder Cass Choate explained that this hybrid is an “interesting deal,” as it utilizes a 6.0L block bored over to 6.4L and combines four stages of nitrous, a 1964 F100 pickup and a Procharger. 

Instead of using an O ring setup, the diesel engine expert and his team decided to use a C ring for the cylinder heads to accommodate the thicker flange and the materials used for the fully sleeved block.  

Choate said the hybrid diesel engine also “uses a ductile iron sleeve with a Rockwell hardness of 98.6 that cuts way down into the water jacket.”

He added that they used a “very large sleeve with a wall thickness that’s around ⅛ inch, and a wider flange that’s about ¼ inch,” explaining that this diameter is one way to compensate for the C ring setup’s strain on the flanges on the sleeves.

Initially, Choate and his team could not find something that would work well with a 6.4L diameter piston in a 6.0L block until UEM helped them make custom pistons that the company later decided to coat.  

Performance of this hybrid diesel engine 

Thanks to the 6.0L cranks, the hybrid can withstand high horsepower, although the team is still finding ways to improve the block’s performance further. 

The issue that sparked the Hybrid 6.4L Powerstroke’s design 

Choate said the airflow issue was the main thing that sparked the creation of the hybrid engine. 

“We unshroud the valves to increase a little bit more airflow and get some of the air restriction off the initial valve opening. This was the reason for the larger displacement,” he explained further. 

Meanwhile, the team expects the engine to churn out 2,000 horsepower for its drag truck application, which is made possible with the addition of Procharger and the four stages of nitrous.

Final word 

At Choate Engineering Performance, we are a team of diesel engine experts who provide a wide range of repair and maintenance services while at the same time offering short blocks, long blocks, full runner engines and reverse engineering. 

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