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Audi Executive Admits to DieselGate Allegations

Rupert Standler, the man formerly in charge of Audi, pled guilty recently to loading software to vehicles that would help them beat emissions tests in the US. The program Audi and VW used changed files when the vehicle noticed it’s non-drive wheels weren’t rotating, changing to a stricter emissions file which allowed the vehicle to falsely pass emissions tests. The plea made by Standler will get him probation as opposed to jail time, plus a fine of roughly 1.2 million dollars.


Ultimate Callout Challenge

Over the previous weekend, the diesel performance industry’s largest event, Diesel’s Super Bowl, happened in Indianapolis Indiana. As usual, hundreds of vendors came out to show off their products (Choate included), as well as 40k+ attendees and around 1000 competitors. This year was hands down the largest UCC on record. Lucas Oil Raceway, the venue that hosted the event, was nearly filled to capacity. Every year more and more records are broken at this event, in the end, The Dirty Hooker Diesel Crew came out on top. This couldn’t have gone to a better team. Owner Tony Burkhard’s team has come through more challenges during their UCC campaigns over the years than we can remember. From explosions on the dyno, crashes on track and more, each time pulling an all nighter to get the truck back on in competition the next day. Huge congratulations to the DHD team.


Diesel Prices on the Decline

We’ve seen it here in Tennessee, and according to we’re not alone. Diesel prices are on the decline nationwide. In less than 5-days the average national cost of a gallon of diesel has dropped from $3.85 to $3.79 with the highest prices being in California (you don’t say…) and the lowest along the Gulf Coast (near the largest concentration of off-shore drilling rigs) at $3.47. This decrease in cost marks the lowest we’ve seen since January 2022. Prior research of ours has hinted that the reason for this decrease is due to a reduced need for freight, due to continuing supply chain issues. If that’s the case, lets hope this reduction in fuel costs trickles down, helping the economy as a whole.


California To Ban Diesel Trucks

According to an article in the LA Times, via the Biden Administration, CA’s plan to phase out diesel trucks has been greenlighted. Toted as the nations leader in air pollution issues, California hopes to reduce emissions via an increasing number of restrictions forcing manufacturers to release a vast number of “zero emissions” trucks over the next few decades. While this is not exactly a surprise, California has long been on this path, we can’t help but wonder what this move will mean for the rest of us. California is the world’s 4th largest economy. Any move that happens there impacts the entire planet.


Choate Exchange Program

Tired of waiting on your local machine shop to get your head/block work done? Well, we’ve started a new program that’ll solve your problems, our new Exchange Program. Now you can order our DIY kit blocks and/or complete heads from us, machined and ready to go and we’ll ship them out to you quicker than most local shops can even get started on yours. For cylinder heads, shipping happens within 24hrs, blocks, 5 business days. Send your cores in when you’re ready. No need to buy brand new heads/blocks when you’re in a pinch for time, and no need to wait on machine shops. If you’re a shop owner, this will net you increased shop productivity. No more held up bays or lifts due to waiting on machine work! Plus you’ll benefit from our massive facility’s state of the art tooling, better machining work, better quality control all with a guaranteed warranty. We’ve got heads in stock, and ready to ship to you. DIY Installer Block Kits ship within 5 business days or less.



The Diesel Masters, Airs on YouTube

The diesel industry was missing a true source for real trustworthy information, so we figured we’d change that.

The time has come! We’re proud to announce our new YouTube series, The Diesel Masters. We at Choate see hundreds of engines a year come through our doors, all with problems of one type or another, such is the norm for a facility that remanufacturers engines. Because of this ability to see diesel performance from every angle, it puts us in a unique position. We have the real-world experience and even better, the facility to diagnose and repair any issue that comes in. The Diesel Masters shows diesel enthusiasts exactly how and why diesel engines fail, but also how to make sure they don’t fail again. The show walks through why an engine failed, then builds it back up better-that-the-factory-built-it. But it doesn’t end there. We’ve got all sorts of wild projects in the works, and we see all sorts of odd-ball reasons for engine failures. Check out the show, airing monthly on YouTube and on our Facebook page.


Diamond Advantage, Closes Its Doors

Recently, Diamond Advantage, closed it’s doors. It was one of the few Diesel Engine rebuilding facilities in North America. Being one of our main competitors, we’re gearing up to take the load. The loss of Diamond Advantage will leave a hole in the industry, we’re ready to take it on. Here’s a note from our COE/Owner, Cass Choate on the recent news:

Recently Diamond Advantage was dissolved as they were bought out and the program was shut down. They no longer offer the engines that you may, or may not have been purchasing . While support for engines sold heretofore, may not be easy, we know that keeping your customers going is what keeps your doors open. The crunch for parts and engines is a REAL problem for our industry. We love partnering with companies that are dedicated to this industry and serve their customers with integrity. Choate isn’t some corporation that is full of white collar workers with suits and ties. We are a family business just like many of you guys. Trying to provide for our children, and leave them something to be proud of. We greatly appreciate our dealers and look forward to working with you and assisting with your problems as you battle through these challenging times. We started out as a repair facility and know the trials of shop ownership. Especially when your success is dependent on the machine shops that you are trusting. This is why we have started another program for you guys that are waiting due to extended lead times from machine shops on cylinder heads. The new Cylinder Head One-Action Total Exchange program, or Choate as we like to call it, means that with one call or one click of a button all your parts are ordered for that head job. Saving you not only valuable time in ordering parts. But also that we are able to have these heads on their way many times by the next day! This makes the turn around times for repairs plummet. And increases your shop’s profitability as well as customer satisfaction. You know the quality from the engines. Now you can expect the same great service for the cylinder heads and gasket kits you use every day. We are here for you, and thanks for letting us be a part of your success. 

-Cass Choate

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