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6.0L Powerstroke Long Block Model C 18mm Ford Diesel Crate Engine

UPC : 659657276896

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CHOATE 6.0L Long Block Model C Engine 18mm 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 – Powerstroke Ford Diesel Engine

Manufacturer: CHOATE Engineering Performance

CHOATE Part Number: CEP60LC18MM


Turn around time 1-2 weeks

6.0L Powerstroke Long Block Model C:

  • Our built in house Heads
  • Magnuflux and pressure test heads, Cut Valves, All New Valve Guides, Install New Valve Seals, Test Spring Tension, New Freeze plugs, New Injector Cup
  • Head Studs included in our Model C build (6.0 Only), New Head Gaskets.
  • Full CNC blue print machining, (bore, deck, hone and align honed)
  • Connecting Rods
  • All rods are blue print bored to 6.929 center to center and new bushings are installed for you! Lining honing as needed. Check main and Rod clearances
  • New Pistons: .10- .40 inch over
  • pistons, rings, Pin retainers weight-matched prior to crank balancing
  • New OE Lifters, Lifter Guides, OE Crank Flange Bolts
  • Crankshaft checked for runout inspected for fatigue
  • New Rod, Main, and Cam Bearings
  • Camshaft
  • Polished and inspected
  • Assembled by Our Professional Team. In House Build
  • Perfect for a budget build.

1 year 12,000 mile warranty on our Model C builds with upgradeable options (warranty is for the engine only. Will not cover labor for R&R to and from truck) otherwise all else stays the same with the warranty we have posted.

Installation Guide Included

Options to add on for the 6.0L Powerstroke:

  • We always suggest adding on balancing. It does increase the longevity of your engine, all other Model engines CHOATE manufactures it is a Must for balancing.
  • Driven is our break in oil we supply with all our engines. Purchase this and ship it with your engine. Oil Change has to happen after the first 500.00 miles.
  • We do not included manifolds, fuel system components, oil pan, covers or any electrical components with our Model C engines
  • What you see listed is what you get.
  • The picture is a mock up of the engines themselves. Reading the listing will help you to understand better what you are buying

CHOATE Engineering Performance Crate Engine Features:

The 6.0L Powerstroke Engine is just a notch above stock level performance. This is comparable to Ford’s diesel crate motors, but with upgrades to fix the OEM’s shortcomings

Common Issues With The Ford Powerstroke 6.0L (and how we fix them)

Piston Cracking- The 6.0L is plagued with cracking issues due to the design of the combustion bowl from the OE. We are using a different piston that was originally designed for the commercial application of the engine.
Crankshaft Runout-Inherent crankshaft runout issues a recommend due to the low-speed-high-load design of the turbo systems (high boost at low RPM). This causes the crankshaft to runout of round, taking up the oil clearances for the mains and causing catastrophic failure.

We DO NOT approve the bending of the crankshaft to straighten, (which is common practice with many engine rebuilders) as material has memory and will result in a relapse of the original condition. For this cause we machine the crankshaft to a truly round and concentric state from journal to journal. This allows the hydro-dynamic wedge created by the oil to do its job.


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