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Diesel Industry News – New Cummins; Big Investments from GM and Chevron;

RIP Old Smokey

Cummins Powered F100 Crash at Pikes Peak

Scott Birdsall has been shaking things up with his immensely popular 1949 Cummins powered F100, dubbed Old Smokey, for many years now. A quick search of “Cummins Old Smokey” should get you familiar with the beast of a truck if you’re not already. A couple weeks ago was the annual Pike Peak race. The race has competitors driving up a steep hill in Colorado, at high elevation with steep cliffs all around. Long story short, it’s extremely dangerous. Lately the race to make it to the top the quickest, has seen competition from more than just gassers. The diesel race has been getting hotter over the last several years. Prior to this year (more on this year’s race below), Scott had held the record for diesel at a little over 11 minutes and 24 seconds. This year while trying to break his own record, Scott’s Old Smokey’s brakes’ failed. The failure came as the truck entered one of the more infamous turns at over 90-mph sending the truck over the edge, 175 feet down the side of a cliff rolling several times before coming to a stop. Luckily Scott survived, Old Smokey, not so much. Knowing Scott, we can’t wait to see what he builds next, we know it’ll be epic.

Source: Banks Power


New Cummins Engine

15-Liter X15D

Recently released from Cummins (yet still in the testing phase), the new engine series will offer the most power ever from Cummins with ratings of up to 660 hp and peak torque at 2360 lb-ft. Thanks to Cummins XPT (Extreme Pressure Injection) fuel system, these power ratings come with reported increased efficiency in both fuel consumption and emissions. A significant bump in cylinder pressures from a new cylinder design also help with the aforementioned gains, we’re sure. As Cummins calls it, this series is “fuel agnostic” meaning it will be compatible with (or at least has the ability to be modified to be compatible with) varied fuel types including diesel (of course), hydrogen and natural gas. On top of all that, this new series benefit from a weight savings of nearly 500lbs over the current X15 series engines.

When will we see it state side? That’s likely not going to happen anytime soon, as the X15D currently is offered only as a “Euro VI” engine and is currently under going testing in Australia with a phased release down under starting November of 2025.


The Latest at Choate

Christmas In July

There’s always a deal to be had here at Choate Engineering Performance. This month, it’s Christmas in July! Whether it’s an engine, heads, or any other diesel part, for the month of July we’re paying half your freight. On engines, that’s a savings of several hundred dollars each! July is a great month to get your truck running right, with half off shipping from Choate Engineering Performance.


OEM News

GM Reinvests in Internal Combustion

It’s not all electric plan for the future, thankfully. General Motors recently announced they will be reinvesting $632 million into their Fort Wayne Indianna Assembly Plant in preparation for the next generation of internal combustion powered light duty trucks. The plant in Fort Wayne builds the 1500 Sierra and Silverado pickups. We know internal combustion isn’t going away any time soon, it’s just nice to see some news about a manufacturer reinvesting in something other than electric for a change!


Fuel News

Chevron Invests in Renewable Diesel

Over the weekend, reports rolled in that Chevron and partner Bunge Ltd. Have purchased a seed business in Argentina named Chacraservicios. Chacraservicios specializes in Camalina Sativa which is a crop that apparently contains very high levels of vegetable oil. A necessary step as the world hunts for more readily renewable fuels. Chevron’s SVP of Business Development was quoted saying: “Agricultural innovation is powering renewable fuels development around the world, and opportunities like this are helping Chevron expand our portfolio of affordable, reliable and lower carbon fuels.”


EPA News

Pure Addiction Diesel Performance

Another debacle in the diesel world has become public as Pure Addiction Diesel shares the news about their legal battle with CARB and the EPA. The image above tells the story best, but from what we can see a former employee decided to make life tough for the crew at Pure Addiction by lying to authorities, said authorities then took extreme advantage of the situation and went full speed at the shop tying them up in court for 2-years. It appears that yet again these cases don’t seem to be following any SOP, as this one is yet again vastly different than others in the past. We wish there was more transparency in these cases. Not knowing exactly how to navigate business or these lawsuits, is tough to say the very least. We wish the crew at Pure Addiction Diesel Performance all the best of luck and a speedy recovery from this unfortunate incidence.


Racing News

Pikes Peak Record

Back in 2020, Old Smokey broke the diesel powered Pikes Peak record with a VW nipping at it’s heals. Old Smokey made it up the hill in 11 mins, 24 seconds with the VW only 1.024 seconds behind. Ever since, the diesel war on Pikes Peak has heated up. This year the old record was beaten a few times, by a 6.0L Powerstroke powered Nissan piloted by Cole Powelson, and more importantly, by a custom build powered by an improved version of the Beetle’s diesel engine. I say more importantly, because the VW powered vehicle is the current record holder with a time of 10:25.071. Just 25-seconds from beating the 10-minute barrier that was previously thought as impossible. Read more about the VW King of The Mountain at the link below.

Diesel News – Diamond Advantage Closes Shop; Fuel Costs Declining; New Diesel YouTube Show and more.


Audi Executive Admits to DieselGate Allegations

Rupert Standler, the man formerly in charge of Audi, pled guilty recently to loading software to vehicles that would help them beat emissions tests in the US. The program Audi and VW used changed files when the vehicle noticed it’s non-drive wheels weren’t rotating, changing to a stricter emissions file which allowed the vehicle to falsely pass emissions tests. The plea made by Standler will get him probation as opposed to jail time, plus a fine of roughly 1.2 million dollars.


Ultimate Callout Challenge

Over the previous weekend, the diesel performance industry’s largest event, Diesel’s Super Bowl, happened in Indianapolis Indiana. As usual, hundreds of vendors came out to show off their products (Choate included), as well as 40k+ attendees and around 1000 competitors. This year was hands down the largest UCC on record. Lucas Oil Raceway, the venue that hosted the event, was nearly filled to capacity. Every year more and more records are broken at this event, in the end, The Dirty Hooker Diesel Crew came out on top. This couldn’t have gone to a better team. Owner Tony Burkhard’s team has come through more challenges during their UCC campaigns over the years than we can remember. From explosions on the dyno, crashes on track and more, each time pulling an all nighter to get the truck back on in competition the next day. Huge congratulations to the DHD team.


Diesel Prices on the Decline

We’ve seen it here in Tennessee, and according to we’re not alone. Diesel prices are on the decline nationwide. In less than 5-days the average national cost of a gallon of diesel has dropped from $3.85 to $3.79 with the highest prices being in California (you don’t say…) and the lowest along the Gulf Coast (near the largest concentration of off-shore drilling rigs) at $3.47. This decrease in cost marks the lowest we’ve seen since January 2022. Prior research of ours has hinted that the reason for this decrease is due to a reduced need for freight, due to continuing supply chain issues. If that’s the case, lets hope this reduction in fuel costs trickles down, helping the economy as a whole.


California To Ban Diesel Trucks

According to an article in the LA Times, via the Biden Administration, CA’s plan to phase out diesel trucks has been greenlighted. Toted as the nations leader in air pollution issues, California hopes to reduce emissions via an increasing number of restrictions forcing manufacturers to release a vast number of “zero emissions” trucks over the next few decades. While this is not exactly a surprise, California has long been on this path, we can’t help but wonder what this move will mean for the rest of us. California is the world’s 4th largest economy. Any move that happens there impacts the entire planet.


Choate Exchange Program

Tired of waiting on your local machine shop to get your head/block work done? Well, we’ve started a new program that’ll solve your problems, our new Exchange Program. Now you can order our DIY kit blocks and/or complete heads from us, machined and ready to go and we’ll ship them out to you quicker than most local shops can even get started on yours. For cylinder heads, shipping happens within 24hrs, blocks, 5 business days. Send your cores in when you’re ready. No need to buy brand new heads/blocks when you’re in a pinch for time, and no need to wait on machine shops. If you’re a shop owner, this will net you increased shop productivity. No more held up bays or lifts due to waiting on machine work! Plus you’ll benefit from our massive facility’s state of the art tooling, better machining work, better quality control all with a guaranteed warranty. We’ve got heads in stock, and ready to ship to you. DIY Installer Block Kits ship within 5 business days or less.



The Diesel Masters, Airs on YouTube

The diesel industry was missing a true source for real trustworthy information, so we figured we’d change that.

The time has come! We’re proud to announce our new YouTube series, The Diesel Masters. We at Choate see hundreds of engines a year come through our doors, all with problems of one type or another, such is the norm for a facility that remanufacturers engines. Because of this ability to see diesel performance from every angle, it puts us in a unique position. We have the real-world experience and even better, the facility to diagnose and repair any issue that comes in. The Diesel Masters shows diesel enthusiasts exactly how and why diesel engines fail, but also how to make sure they don’t fail again. The show walks through why an engine failed, then builds it back up better-that-the-factory-built-it. But it doesn’t end there. We’ve got all sorts of wild projects in the works, and we see all sorts of odd-ball reasons for engine failures. Check out the show, airing monthly on YouTube and on our Facebook page.


Diamond Advantage, Closes Its Doors

Recently, Diamond Advantage, closed it’s doors. It was one of the few Diesel Engine rebuilding facilities in North America. Being one of our main competitors, we’re gearing up to take the load. The loss of Diamond Advantage will leave a hole in the industry, we’re ready to take it on. Here’s a note from our COE/Owner, Cass Choate on the recent news:

Recently Diamond Advantage was dissolved as they were bought out and the program was shut down. They no longer offer the engines that you may, or may not have been purchasing . While support for engines sold heretofore, may not be easy, we know that keeping your customers going is what keeps your doors open. The crunch for parts and engines is a REAL problem for our industry. We love partnering with companies that are dedicated to this industry and serve their customers with integrity. Choate isn’t some corporation that is full of white collar workers with suits and ties. We are a family business just like many of you guys. Trying to provide for our children, and leave them something to be proud of. We greatly appreciate our dealers and look forward to working with you and assisting with your problems as you battle through these challenging times. We started out as a repair facility and know the trials of shop ownership. Especially when your success is dependent on the machine shops that you are trusting. This is why we have started another program for you guys that are waiting due to extended lead times from machine shops on cylinder heads. The new Cylinder Head One-Action Total Exchange program, or Choate as we like to call it, means that with one call or one click of a button all your parts are ordered for that head job. Saving you not only valuable time in ordering parts. But also that we are able to have these heads on their way many times by the next day! This makes the turn around times for repairs plummet. And increases your shop’s profitability as well as customer satisfaction. You know the quality from the engines. Now you can expect the same great service for the cylinder heads and gasket kits you use every day. We are here for you, and thanks for letting us be a part of your success. 

-Cass Choate

Diesel Industry News – March 2023

New Cummins X10 Engine

Things are never stagnant at Cummins and the latest news from the manufacturer comes in the form of an all new powerplant, the X10. The X10 diesel engine, slated to hit the market in 2026, is 10-liters in displacement and is designed to fill the gap between the X15 and B6.7L. Horsepower ratings range from 320 to 450HP based on usage. Torque ranges from 1000 lb-ft up to 1650 lb-ft. The new engine undoubtedly comes to market with the new 2027 EPA Emissions Standards in mind, which according to Cummins, the X10 is 100% compliant. First to get the new Cummins will be the European and North American markets, with more to follow. While we’re sure it’ll be several years until these engines need rebuilds, we look forward to seeing how they perform.



Engine Builder Magazine Visits Choate Engineering Performance

A few weeks ago we had a few visitors, Engine Builder Magazine stopped by the facility. Cass spent a the better part of two days showing them just how the shop runs. From tear down to balancing, build up and through manufacturing on the CNC’s, the crew got to see everything. Keep an eye on their site for much more from their time at the shop, and check out the “Social Media Takeover” Cass did on the last day. If you’ve ever wanted to see inside our massive facility and get a glimpse at everything that happens on a day-to-day basis, this is your chance.



Ford’s Back Order On 6.7L Power Stroke Parts and Engines

The struggle to find parts continues for Ford owners and shops everywhere. Ford 6.7L long blocks are now on backorder, and from what we’ve been hearing (which makes perfect sense), many parts are back ordered as well. This means if you’ve got a 6.7L Powerstroke in needs of repair, well it just might be down for a bit. Unless that is, you call us. We regularly build 6.7L long blocks which means, we keep a large supply of every part we need, in stock. Not only do we have parts in stock that most dealerships do not, we’ve got long blocks too. Don’t let that 6.7L Power Stroke sit due to parts unavailability, give us a call so we can help get it back on the road.



Diesel Prices Drop Nationwide

Just in time for the busy travel season, diesel prices are finally following gas prices in their downward trend. Just over three months ago the national average cost of a gallon of diesel fuel was at $5.26. According to the US Department of Energy, last months average fuel cost was $4.41. While the Department of Energy’s report is not complete yet for this month (and their website doesn’t show current averages) we’re seeing fuel at a couple stations just barely below $4 locally and hearing reports that point to a national average closer to $4.30. No longer do we have to cringe when seeing that $1.50 difference between diesel and gas prices.



Duramax Long Blocks – Ready To Ship

Looking for a new Duramax engine for your 2006-2010 GMC or Chevy pickup? We’ve got them in stock ready to ship! These engines go through our full machine shop process ensuring the best quality product for your truck. Each engine receives cylinder boring/honing, line boring, deck surfacing, new pistons, fully rebuilt heads with all new applicable parts, and more. All that plus a perfectly balanced rotating assembly makes for a better-than-new engine that’ll make your truck run like never before. Visit the link below for more info or give us a call today!


Top Signs of Diesel Engine Failure and Why They Happen

While diesel engines outperform gasoline engines, it doesn’t mean they are invulnerable to failure. Even if you take good care of your diesel truck, there’s no guarantee that it won’t break down at some point in the future. Here are some top signs of diesel engine failure.


Choate Engineering Performance is here to help with all your diesel engine needs. Call us at (901) 553 – 9847 or drop us a message here


Whether you frequent stop-and-go traffic in the city or travel country routes, it’s important to know what signs indicate engine problems and when it’s time for repairs. Here are some of the most common signs of diesel engine failure, their reasons, and how to properly address them.


Engine Oil Issues


If you notice your engine is leaking oil, it’s more than likely that gaskets need to be replaced. This can lead to higher fuel consumption and lower performance—a glaring sign of diesel engine failure.


Additionally, an improper amount of oil in your engine may cause damage if too much or too little is used. This leads to premature engine parts wear and decreases your vehicle’s life span.


It is important to note that choosing the right engine oil is no walk in the park. It can be tricky and tremendously confusing, but it is essential to the health of your engine. Luckily for you, our Choate Engineering Performance team knows exactly what your engine needs!


We offer revolutionary “oil change in a box” kits and oil analysis kits to maximize your engine’s performance and keep it running smoothly. That way, you can prevent costly problems instead of dealing with them unarmed.


Filthy Diesel Air Filter


A dirty air filter is another common sign of diesel engine failure and can offshoot other problems. If the filter is clogged with debris, it will expand the load on your engine’s fuel system, leading to increased emissions and reduced fuel economy.


The problem is that diesel engines are designed to run on only clean air. That’s why cleaning or changing your air filter every 10-15,000 miles is advisable. Failure to do so can lead to poor engine performance, reduced fuel mileage, and malfunctioning turbocharger.


Dirt and dust end up in the cylinders when they pass through the air filter. If you clog or restrict your air filter, you’ll wear out your turbocharger’s thrust bearings prematurely. 


An indicator that your turbocharger has failed is when you start seeing thick, black smoke. So, you better check and clean your air filter once in a while to avoid serious diesel engine failure.


Faulty Injector Pump


The injector pump is the heart of the diesel engine. When an injector fails, this can cause poor performance, poor acceleration, and high emissions, immediately causing diesel engine failures.


You can easily tell if it happens as it produces eminent signals you can’t fail to acknowledge. These include the vehicle won’t start, the RPM needle starts shaking, the engine sputtering, and power loss.


Some common causes of faulty injectors include:


  • Injectors that have become loose or dislodged
  • Bad injector timing
  • Failed wiring connections between the injectors and their respective sensors
  • Poorly designed or worn-out seals due to failure by oil pressure or heat
  • Low fuel tank level
  • Foreign objects penetrating the injector 


Excessive Exhaust Emissions


This can mean that your catalytic converter has failed, resulting in an excessively high amount of exhaust gases being released into the atmosphere. A diesel engine failure sign that’s often misunderstood as just the car’s common sign of aging.


If you notice white smoke coming from your exhaust pipe, it’s likely due to a problem with your engine’s compression ratio. If black smoke comes from your exhaust pipe, this could be caused by an oil leak in the piston rings or cylinder head gasket. 


Either way, it’s not good news, so you should act fast before it worsens.


Diesel Engine Failure Conclusion


It’s extremely important to watch these four signs if you have a diesel engine, especially those who are diesel truck owners. If your vehicle often loses its cool and shows any of these signs, you might want to get it checked by a professional.


For more information about our diesel engine products and services, contact us at (901) 553 – 9847 or drop us a message here.


3 Biggest Challenges and Solutions for a Diesel Mechanic Shop Owner

Diesel mechanic shop owners in this competitive machine and repair industry is not an easy feat. But when it comes down to it, recognizing what obstacles to expect and knowing how to overcome them is essential for your business to continue to grow and thrive.


This article touches on the three biggest challenges of owning a diesel mechanic shop and the best ways to resolve them.


1. Hiring Mechanics


One of the biggest problems for diesel mechanic shop owners is hiring qualified personnel. Of course, this problem can be found in virtually any industry, as Mike Rowe – famed host of the TV series ‘Dirty Jobs’ – has so acutely pointed out. But finding the right people for skilled trades, ones with the right skillsets and specialty knowledge is easier said than done.


Business owners invest millions of dollars annually to determine who their customers are. We spend so much time scrutinizing our customer base and know our clientele from the inside out. We know they eat at steak houses on Friday night, pick up lumber at Lowes Saturday morning, and haul their boat back from the lake Sunday afternoon.


That being said – the same approach should be taken when hiring mechanics. 


Employee retention is simply higher among enthusiasts of the industry. Instead of combing through job sites and ending up with a guy “just looking for a job,” go to a race track. There you’ll find someone willing to spend all their hard-earned money 1/4 of a mile at a time and work late on a Friday night just to make a pass – and that’s exactly the kind of person you want to work with within this industry.


We strongly encourage you to check out your local 4H if you are in a rural area. Those kids all grew up working on tractors, and a good work ethic is a standard issue on a farm. The most remarkable trait is dependability; nothing is more important for an employee than being someone you can rely on.


2. Parts Shortages


In the last two years, we have seen firsthand the challenges that global shortages have caused. From auto manufacturers that have shut down production due to a lack of electrical components to lead times so long that you start to question the feasibility of buying a horse and buggy instead – delays are frustrating. And not just for the customers but for the owners as well.


For shops that are limited to space and bays, the last thing you want to do is to tie up your lifts with cabs hanging in the air, waiting for parts that keep getting pushed back. The good news is: Choate can help with this!


Though we are best known for our tough and high-performing engines, one of our best-kept industry secrets is actually our parts department. Choate builds numerous engines, which in turn helps us get better pricing with our manufacturers. We stock plenty of different parts consistently, so we’re confident we can take care of you in time to get your customer back on the road. If you need something and you don’t see it on our website, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We can most definitely work something out.


3. Customer Acquisition


Customer acquisition is the lifeblood of any business. While spending money on ads is a good investment, there’s no denying the power of word of mouth. Think about the endless possibilities if every customer came to you through a referral!


On that note, did you know that our Preferred Installers (PI) receive leads for engine installs whenever they team up with Choate? That’s right – not only can you have confidence in knowing that you’re installing the best engine, but you can also be confident about who is installing it.


To learn more about our nifty PI plan, feel free to reach out to us anytime.


Final Thoughts for Diesel Mechanic Shop Owners


Building and sustaining a successful diesel mechanic shop is largely about identifying barriers and knowing the right action to conquer them. With this article, we hope we’ve provided you with valuable insight and keen advice to benefit you and your business in the long term.


For more information about our diesel engine products and services, contact us at (901) 553 – 9847 or drop us a message here.

Our Top 10 Tips for Diesel Mechanics

We’ve assembled a list of the top 10 tips for diesel mechanics. This list contains practical tips to help you get started as a mechanic or improve your existing skills!


Choate Engineering Performance is here to help with all your diesel engine needs. Call us at (901) 553 – 9847 or drop us a message here


Top 10 tips for diesel mechanics:

1. Safety first

We cannot stress this enough: safety is paramount in this line of work. You’re dealing with machinery that can be hazardous and expensive to repair. 

Hence, it’s critical to know exactly how the machines work. Always wear safety gear to protect yourself from injury and ensure a first aid kit is handy in an emergency. 

2. Start small

It can be anything from learning how to change the oil on your own truck or working in the shop. The more comfortable you become with simple tasks, the more likely you will feel confident tackling larger projects—such as rebuilding an engine or rebuilding a transmission.


So don’t be afraid of asking questions. Everyone has gone through what you’re going through now! 

3. Know how to use each of your tools properly

In addition to knowing your tools, it’s also important to know how to use them properly. A torque wrench is a must-have for your toolbox. Learn how to use a torque wrench to accomplish your automotive projects.


It’ll also reduce time spent looking around for tools when needed most: while working on an engine! The same goes with manuals; having access makes finding information much easier than having no references!

4. Repetition is everything

Repetition is the key to learning. The more you repeat something, the better you will get at it. And just like anything else, you can only improve with practice. Practice makes perfect!


If you want to be a diesel mechanic and have some strong knowledge of how engines work, then repetition is essential. You should practice every day until it becomes second nature for you to know how everything works together in an engine.

5. Watch your posture and technique

Mindfulness is a buzzword, but it’s really important in diesel mechanics. You need to be aware of your positions and what you’re doing with your hands, arms, shoulders, and back. 


It’ll quickly become hard-to-break habits if you aren’t using proper techniques for certain tasks like tightening bolts. Paying close attention helps prevent this and saves time in the long run!

6. Communication is key

It always helps to communicate with your customers, your team, and other professionals to get the job done right. Here are some ways you can improve your communication skills:


  • Be a good listener
  • Read body language
  • Use the appropriate tone of voice
  • Know what you want to say before you say it

7. Continue learning while you’re working

The more you know, the better your chances of success. If you’re working for someone else, that’s great! Just keep learning on the job. 


If you’re self-employed or starting a business, keep learning on your own time. You never know when something new will come up that needs to be mastered quickly.


Also, remember to become certified. It enhances your trust ratings among your peers and customers.

8. Treat your workplace as a place of business

The best way to treat your workplace as a place of business is to treat it with respect. Respect everyone and always do the job to the best of your ability. 


If something needs to be done, do it right away. So it doesn’t pile up and become overwhelming. 


Keep track of all the work orders that come in so that you know what needs to be done first. Then tackle those tasks in order of priority.

9. Know your customer base

When you know your customer base, you will be able to understand what they need and expect from you. You can also identify the pain points that they are experiencing.


In addition, knowing what your customers want to achieve will help you provide the best service possible. It’ll allow you to create a relationship with your customers and make them feel comfortable working with you.

10. Have pride in your work

It’s important to have pride in your work as a diesel mechanic because it helps you stay motivated, which is important for any job.


When you’re proud of what you do and your job, staying motivated is easier. It helps you keep working hard and doing your best, even when things get tough.

Tips for Diesels Mechanics Conclusion

So, that’s our top ten tips for becoming a diesel mechanic. As you read through these, we hope you’ve found them useful and inspiring for your career plans. 


For more information about our diesel engine products and services, contact us at (901) 553 – 9847 or drop us a message here.

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